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Planning a Bathroom Renovation? Consider These 7 Points First

A bathroom makeover in your home in Birmingham is a great idea as it will give the area a new look. But, before you can go for it, you need to consider a few points to avoid different problems later and today, we will discuss some of those points here in our write up.

Planned Plumbing

Before the external looks of the bathroom can be achieved, you will need to have a proper plumbing plan since a bathroom renovation means addition and removal of accessories. Nevertheless, the professionals providing the bathroom renovations near Birmingham will ask you about the pipes that are already installed. But if you do not know their size and type, you will need to get them checked by the renovators.

Installation of Cabinets

You may already have cabinets installed in your bathroom. But if you are hoping to give your bathroom a complete makeover, you might need to change the cabinets. So, you will need to choose the cabinets that will suit best. However, if you don’t know which cabinet will go with the new design, talk to the professionals providing the renovation service.

Bathroom Lighting

In the modern bathroom makeover, lighting is playing a very important part because proper lighting in the bathroom is indeed a mood setter. So, to choose the best lighting, you will need to do some research and you can use the internet for this purpose.

The modern trends are focusing mostly on lights that have a dimmer. In fact, if you wish to go a step further, you can install coloured lights as well.

Hung Toilets

The wall-hung toilets have now become extremely popular and hence, companies providing the bathroom renovation services near Birmingham are now recommending this particular style in a renovation. Also, these fixtures have now become affordable and they do not need a large space which can be considered as an advantage.

Shower Window

This is a classic style that you can include in the renovation because a shower window enhances the beauty of the bathroom.

Now, there are different windows to choose from but a frosted glass panel makes the bathroom look elegant. Moreover, another advantage of installing a frosted glass is that they won’t get dirty easily and hence even with less maintenance they will look great.

Tiled Floors

If simple and modern bathroom designs in Perth is your choice, installing tiles is a must. And the good thing is that there is a wide array of tiling available in the market that will suit your needs.

So, if you are planning to go simple, choose the tiles that will go best with the bathroom design and as mentioned earlier if you don’t know which type of tiles will suit best, talk to the renovators.


Bathtubs are not that much difficult to select but then again, you can only select the bathtub of your choice if you have the required space. So, the best thing to do before buying the bathtub is to measure the space.

Premium Bathroom Renovations is Now Affordable

Our experienced builders at Mr E. Builders will make your bathroom look fabulous and if you are interested, call us now to discuss the bathroom renovations cost in Birmingham. Also, if you have any queries related to renovations, our executives will solve them with patience.

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